Demonstrated Interest

5 Quick Tips for your Personal Admissions Interview

As part of our holistic admissions process at Syracuse University, the Office of Admissions offers optional personal interviews to all high school seniors and potential transfer students.

While entirely optional, participating in an interview is a great way to help the Admissions Committee get to know you as an individual and gives you the chance to ask questions in a one-on-one environment.

Here are our top five tips for making the most of your personal interview!

  1. Don’t Wait to Schedule
    The Office of Admissions offers interviews for high school students between July and December of senior year. Interviews are approximately 30 minutes long and can be scheduled on most weekdays and some Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. Students are welcome to pick a date and time that works and register online!

    Although it may be tempting to wait, we recommend scheduling your interview sooner rather than later! The summer is a great time to complete your interview so you don’t have to worry about it during the school year. You can even schedule and conduct your interview before you start your application!

    Are you a transfer applicant? Request an interview at any time by reaching out to our Transfer Admissions team at
  2. Assess Your Virtual Presence
    Our interview process is entirely virtual and conducted via Zoom. Once you schedule your interview, an admissions counselor or senior admissions student intern will send you a Zoom link prior to your interview date.

    Ensure your interview goes smoothly by setting up for your interview in a quiet room and limiting distractions when possible. Assess your background – is it busy or messy? Consider putting up a Zoom background or plugging in headphones so your interviewer can hear and see you!

    Don’t forget the interview is a one-on-one process, so parents and family members should not join you in the Zoom session. If your family members would like to schedule a separate time to chat with an admissions representative, please contact us at
  3. Do Some Research
    Before you schedule an interview, consider participating in one of our virtual information sessions. General information sessions are offered approximately three times per week and provide an overview of Syracuse University. Each of our 10 undergraduate schools and colleges also offer virtual sessions that dive deeper into their majors, minors and special programs.

    Hoping to see more of our buildings and grounds? We welcome you to plan a campus visit or peruse our virtual tour to get a sense of our physical campus!
  4. Bring Questions
    Your interviewer will save plenty of time for you to ask questions about the University and our application process. Jot down any questions you have and bring a notepad and pen to your interview so you can remember to ask them day-of. For example, are you curious about:
    • Majors and minors?
    • Study abroad?
    • Internships?
    • Early Decision vs. Regular Decision?
    • Student clubs and organizations?
  5. Relax
    During the interview, the admissions counselor or senior intern you speak with may take notes. The interviewer’s evaluation will be considered by the Admissions Committee along with all of your other application materials but is not a deciding factor in your admissions decision.

    Therefore, take a deep breath and try to relax during your interview! Our goal is simply to get to know you and learn more about your personal experiences and goals.

Ready to Interview?
Schedule your virtual interview on our webpage: We can’t wait to speak with you!

10 Tips to Demonstrate Your Interest in Syracuse University

Many colleges and universities look at a student’s demonstrated interest, or the evidence they have taken steps to conduct research and connect with the institution, into account when reviewing applications.

Here at Syracuse University, the Admissions Committee does consider demonstrated interest during the application process, along with many other factors as part of our holistic review process! We believe that students who take the time to explore all that Syracuse has to offer better understand if the University will be a good fit for the undergraduate experience they are seeking. Read on to explore some of the ways you can demonstrate your interest in Syracuse, no matter where you live!

The Hall of Languages is home to Syracuse's College of Arts and Sciences.
The Hall of Languages is home to Syracuse’s College of Arts and Sciences.

  1. Attend a Virtual Information Session
    Register for and attend one (or more!) of our general or themed virtual information sessions to learn more about Syracuse. Not only will these sessions offer invaluable information about the University, but you’ll also be able to get any questions you have answered by an admissions counselor or current student.
  2. Take a Tour
    Schedule a visit and see Syracuse University’s campus firsthand! You’ll get to sit in on a 30-minute information session and then head out on a small-group walking tour. At the conclusion of your student-led tour, you can also meet with one of our 10 undergraduate schools and colleges.
    Can’t make it to Syracuse? We’ve made it easy for you to take a look at our buildings and grounds via our virtual tour!
  3. Register for a Virtual Interview
    Syracuse offers optional virtual interviews via Zoom for high school seniors and transfer students. An interview is a great way to personalize your application and ask questions of our admissions staff.
  4. Connect with your Admissions Counselor
    Our admissions counselors travel far and wide to spread the word about Syracuse University, so be sure to check to see if a virtual or in-person visit will be scheduled with your high school this year. We also welcome you to contact your admissions representative via email with any questions you might have!
  5. Ask Questions
    Asking questions is one of the best ways to figure out if Syracuse is a good fit for you. Chat in your questions during our virtual sessions or contact the Admissions Office to let us know how we can help!

    Students collaborate outside of the Schine Student Center.
    Students collaborate outside of the Schine Student Center.
  6. Research
    Engage with our website to learn more about our 10 undergraduate schools and colleges, 200+ majors, 100 minors, and 300+ student organizations!
  7. Engage with Programs of Interest
    Is there a school or college at Syracuse that interests you, or perhaps a particular dual program, major or minor? Connect with representatives from our schools and colleges through a virtual session, email, or a phone call! They are eager to learn more about you and discuss which programs might best suit your interests.
  8. Take Time with Your Application
    Spending adequate time preparing your application is a great way to convey your interest in Syracuse. Be sure you’ve researched our undergraduate programs and are making an informed decision when listing your first and second choice academic programs on the Common Application. You’ll also have a chance to tell us why you’re interested in Syracuse University through our short answer question and we’re eager to read what you have to say!
  9. Discuss Your Interest in Syracuse with your Teachers and Counselor
    Your teachers and counselor will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf, so it is always a good idea to let them know why you’re interested in Syracuse. Help them understand why you feel Syracuse is a good fit for you so they can advocate on your behalf!
  10. Apply On Time
    Whether you apply Early Decision or Regular Decision, ensuring that you submit your Common Application and supporting documents on time is a great way to convey your serious interest in Syracuse. After you submit your application, be sure to check your MySlice account to monitor for missing documents and read your emails from Syracuse to stay up to date!