Staying on Top of your Courses


College-level classes are hard. Whatever your GPA, most students would agree they could always benefit from some extra help. Luckily, Syracuse University has ample resources for students:

The Writing Center is right in the quad. Inside you’ll find a group of writers, professors or masters students, who specialize in writing–all waiting and willing to help. To get started, there is a quick online sign up, but you only need to complete this once. After that you can go to the writing center whenever you want. Appointments are thirty minutes to an hour. I just started going to the writing center so I can vouch for its effectiveness. Although I consider myself a decent writer already, every time I go to the writer center I am impressed by the techniques and recommendations that really improve whatever I am working on.

Syracuse also offers some great tutoring services from a variety of places. Business fraternities such as Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi offer tutoring for specific courses and majors. Most colleges within the university also offer their own peer-tutoring services as well. Beyond that, there are even several clinics that provide services as well.

Office hours are another great way to get a better handle on your coursework. Syracuse professors hold office hours every week. These blocks of time give you the chance to directly ask your professor about the work he or she assigned. Consistently attending office hours is also  a great way for students to build real relationships with their professors, which can be extremely beneficial down the line when you start applying for jobs and internships.

So as you consider the transition from high school work to a college course load, rest easy knowing that Syracuse has resources available to help you stay on the right track.

Jalen Nash ’20 is studying pyschology in the College of Arts & Sciences. He was raised in Flatbush, New York and attended high school in New Jersey. In his free time, Jalen enjoys playing football and basketball, listening to music, reading, and writing. Jalen hopes to make a living, and be remembered, for his writing. More blogs from Jalen Nash.

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