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I spent my first year at Syracuse living in Lawrinson Hall. It was located near the edge of campus, next to the Dome and across the street from BBB (Brewster, Boland, Brockway). In that dorm I met great people, made great memories, and enjoyed a great view every time I looked out the window. Living there allowed me to learn the ins and outs of main campus and really experience campus life. Even though I loved it, when the time came to figure out where I was going to live sophomore year, I decided to head to South Campus.

Now I have moved into my apartment on Lambreth Lane. And while it’s completely different than Lawrinson, I love it even more. It has multiple rooms, a living room, AND A KITCHEN! I’m so happy I chose to live here.

One of my biggest concerns moving to South was getting back and forth to main campus. Fortunately, the buses regularly run on time and the bus stop is only a few minutes away. I can generally get from my room to main campus in fifteen to twenty minutes. Believe it or not, traveling from South to class isn’t much more difficult than traveling from Lawrinson Hall. However, it is also the first two weeks of school so I will keep you guys posted if anything changes as the winter months approach.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Jersey, but I really like how South Campus looks. There are hills, trees, lots of grass and the occasional deer. In addition to that, in the time I’ve been here I’ve seen some of the most amazing sunsets of my life. South has the look and feel of a small town mixed with the excitement of college life. It really is the best of both worlds.

The size of the apartment is a definite plus. In the dorm rooms, you could fit a lot of people in one room, but half of them would be standing up or sitting on the floor. In the apartment, people can come over and relax without having to fight for empty seats and wiggle room. This is helpful when you want to have a bunch of people over. It also helps you decorate and organize without feeling the need to cluster everything in one space.

Finally, the kitchen. Dining hall food is good, but there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. Knowing you can get out of bed and cook a full meal, or finish class and have something to go home to, is definitely worth it. Having a kitchen gives you much more control over your diet which is super important for living a healthy lifestyle. It also gives you a chance to impress your friends with some culinary skills.

Since moving to South, my experience as a student has improved. With more freedom to explore our entire campus, I have discovered many hidden gems I was unaware of before. I’ve also gotten to hang out with more of my friends who live on either South or main. These two weeks have been some of the best I’ve had at my short time at this school. I look forward to more adventures and seeing more of what South Campus has to offer.


Jalen Nash ’20 is studying pyschology in the College of Arts & Sciences. He was raised in Flatbush, New York and attended high school in New Jersey. In his free time, Jalen enjoys playing football and basketball, listening to music, reading, and writing. Jalen hopes to make a living, and be remembered, for his writing. More blogs from Jalen Nash.

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